Day 1

•December 11, 2009 • Leave a Comment

This morning was the first day of our (New Mercies) 21 days of prayer event. It was great. The focus was on God’s provisions.

I know that God has been, and is still taking care of me and my family! I know that if God gives you a vision He will give you provision.

Remain blessed.

We Had A Great Weekend!

•December 7, 2009 • 2 Comments

The weekend was truly great!  We discovered a new model on Saturday.  Her name is Adrian Doresy, she is only 13 years old but she has remarkable raw talent.  Her first test shoot went very well.  We are scheduling a follow-up shoot for this weekend.  Stay tuned for more information on Adrian’s progress. You can see more of Adrian’s work at

Adrian Dorsey

Adrian Dorsey

Saturday evening I went over to Meadow Creek High School to shoot the varsity basketball game.  Meadow Creek played Walton.  I got some fantastic shots of Ryan Harrow and the rest of the Raiders.  You can check them out at

Ryan Harrow

Ryan Harrow in Flight

On Sunday I went to worship at New Mercies Christian Church and got a Word.  It was what I needed.  Thanks Pastor Curney for remaining connected!  After that I came home and checked out the rest of the Mike Vick game.  It was good to see Mike back doing his thing!  I look forward to him doing even greater things.  It was a good day!

Now, its back to work!  Remain blessed.

Shooting South Gwinnett High Basketball

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I went out to shoot South Gwinnett High’s basketball game tonight. They didn’t play very well. It was a long night. It’s time to shut things down for the night. Remain blessed!

A Great Photo Shoot With Sterling!

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We just finished a photo shoot with Sterling.  It went great.  Sterling is very creative, AND PROMPT!  He was an hour early for his shoot; that’s a great thing.  It allowed us to setup his turntables and discuss his visions a little more.  As I said the shoot was great.  We got a lot of shots.  I will post them as soon as possible.  Will will be shooting again in the near fututre.

The King Family Christmas Photos

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We have published the King Family’s Christmas photos.  They were great to work with.  The kids were full of energy and it is obvious that Terry and Max truly love each other.  That makes my job a lot easier.  All I have to do is shoot what I see.  That’s why I call it “Reality Photography.”

"The King Family"

The King Family

Team Atlanta Basketball’s New Site

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Make sure that you check out a new web site that we are developing, It is a site that promotes some of the very best talent in Atlanta basketball. It was founded by Larry Wyatt. Larry is both a PHD and a minister, but he doesn’t use either title. To the kids he mentors, he is just Coach. The site is still under development by Larry has been sending everyone he runs into to the site, so you may as well check it out too! Yes, we develop web sites. Check it out and let me know what you think. Remember, its still under development.

Remain blessed,

"Team Atlanta Basketball"

Turner Family’s Holiday Photos

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We have Published the Turner Family’s Holiday Photos.

"The Turner Family 2009"

The Turner Family 2009